GoC 6



Registration closed on the 9th of September


The sixth edition of the G-Loot Office Championship (“GoC”) will feature the game “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”.

It’s a bomb defusal game were communication is key. In teams of 3 the employees will have to take on the role of defuser and expert as they fight for the fastest time that will be combined into their team time. This team time will be put in a leaderboard against all the other teams. The worst performing teams will be eliminated until their is only the one left standing.

This will all take place on Friday the 20th of September here at the office while we have drinks and food in traditional G-Loot after work spirit. It all starts at 16:00 CEST and we will be done around 22:00 CEST. If you can’t participate you can always hang out with us, watch the broadcast and see your colleagues being blown to bits.

The rules are simple, keep talking and nobody explodes.
However, we’d recommend you familiarize yourself a little with the bomb defusal manual prior to the event, we have two physical copies in the office or you can grab the PDF here: http://www.bombmanual.com


For this GoC we will need to know by the 9th of September if you can participate or not. As we’re growing as a company we need more time to adjust the format as to not have the tournament run all night.


1. Teams

Teams will consist of 3 employees.
Teams are drawn at random from a pool of all participating employees (registered prior to the event).

If one of your teammates doesn’t show up, that team will need to find a willing employee that isn’t already participating to join them.

2. Format

Every team will play the same scenario three times in succesion. One time for each member of that team. Every member needs to take on the role of defuser one time per scenario.

The teams members combined remaining time is their team time. You want as high of a team time as possible. A detonated bomb is marked as 00:00 (the worst possible time).

Amount of modules completed when the bomb detonates is not taken into consideration, you are dead, live with it.

3. Rules

(UPDATED 2019-09-13)

The tournament will operate on a 2 rounds elimination system. 
(Subject to change depending on number of participating employees)

Round 1: The best two teams advance to the final round.
Round 2: The winner takes it all. This round comes with a twist!

The starting order for each round is as follows.

Round 1: Drawn at random.
Round 2: The best time in round 1 goes first.

All communication within the team needs to be in English because we want to avoid giving “all Swedish” teams a communication advantage and we want the broadcast to be as accesible as possible to friends, family, new candidates etc.

Violation of this rule will result in a 20 second deduction from that team members remaining time, for each time the rule is broken.
A time of 00:00 will turn into a negative -00:20.

Slips of the tongue like swears may be subject to exception, ruled by the judge on a case-to-case basis.


Team 1 – Thomas, George & TBD
Team 2 – Jesper, Omar & Alexander
Team 3 – Ami, Daniel J & Tomas Vidhall
Team 4 – Gustav, David & Gintare
Team 5 – Mischa, Jamie & Constanza
Team 6 – Walid, Alex & Arman
Team 7 – Sabine, Joakim & Hande
Team 8 – Sigrid, Niklas & Robin
Team 9 – Max, Maria & Dennis
Team 10 – Mattin, Tara & Felix
Team 11 – Simon, Dreads & TBD


Results will be uploaded post-tournament


The VOD will be uploaded post-tournament.
▼  Until then, enjoy last GoCs VOD below  ▼