WHO ARE G:loot

G:loot was founded in 2013 with the goal to create an esports company where whoever, whenever can win real money in the skill-based games they already play and love.

We started out with a small mobile app and have since then expanded to multiple mobile games and most recently PC with the launch of our G:loot client for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

We’re a unique esports platform that lets gamers of mobile, tablet and PC games to compete and win real money against friends and random opponents. Play competitive matches, get bragging rights from your wins and join a community of dedicated gamers eager to loot money.

G:loot is one of the fastest growing esports companies in the world which currently employs over 20 people in Stockholm, Sweden.


At G:loot we believe it’s a team effort to build really great esports products. We’re an ambitious and hardworking team that love to challenge each other.

We all share a vision on making esports bigger and available for everyone. We would love to hear from you if you find any of our positions interesting. You can always make an open application if you think you have something we do not yet know we miss.

G:loot is operated from the head office in central Stockholm. It is a vivid workplace, driven by innovation and creativity with big potential for personal growth.

Patrik Nybladh

Patrik is the CEO & Co-Founder of G:loot and have led this company from the start of an app idea all the way to an esports platform available cross-platform.

Patrik is a successful entrepreneur, who founded Sweden’s largest apartment exchange sites, “andrahand.se” and “lägenhetsbyte.se” which was sold to Bonnier Group.

Simon Sundén
VP & Head of esports

Simon is the Vice President and Head of Esports at G:loot and is leading all the efforts for tournaments, productions as well as overall esports expansion, strategy and vision.

Simon has a long experience in esports both from production, aquisitions as well as agent representation of pro players. Simon was before G:loot Head of Esports at MTGx, which aquired ESL & DreamHack.


Jan Benjaminson

Jan has a long history as CFO from various software companies listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. He is also the founder of Level Eight, a mobile game developer company with Robbery Bob as the most famous title with +40M downloads.


Mattias Hosio

Mattias is the Chief Product Officer at G:loot and is leading the whole development & community team making sure we always deliver and we’re at the forefront.

Mattias previously worked as Head of Product at Splay Networks and was a Product Manager for MTGx esports initiatives.


Gloot AB
Birger Jarlsgatan 37b
111 45 Stockholm